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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Things that I should Do

BE HAPPY - After all life is too short to be unhappy, right? What is the point of being unhappy? But then again, it's not just a matter of willing yourself to be happy. You can't just decide one day and tell yourself - I WILL be happy and then it is so. It doesn't come in nice little bottles that say - take one tablet a day to be happy (well there is prozac). So what should I do? Smile more, say all the right encouraging things, trip and bounce along saying things like "oh my, what an absolutely marvellous day!" and "isn't it just wonderful!" and "golly, gee, gosh"... ok this is clearly not working, is it?

BE ORGANIZED - Things will suddenly arrange themselves such that they do not clash. Essays will get done earlier than 10 minutes before the deadline. Lectures will be attended. Piles of papers and books will not cover the desk and the adjoining floor space. And of course, King Arthur will one day rule over the Britons once again, and Singapore will have free and fair elections.

BE MOTIVATED - Regret is the greatest of all well, regrets? I coulda been a contender, the saddest words of mouth or pen are the words it might have been and so on. So, it would be rather sad to not make the most of things, or what you would perceive later to be the most of things. But yes, the resolutions do work harder, do more, read more books, all happended before. Been there done that.

ENJOY LIFE - Suspiciously like "Be Happy" but with a subtle difference. What does one mean by saying that life should be "enjoyed" anyhow? That life should have meaning and pleasure? My life has meaning, well, ok I am not exactly saving the world but still. There is also the problem of not really knowing if you are really properly enjoying life. I mean after all the desires that we have may not be our 'true' desires - do I really want to spend money on alcohol when all it does is reduce my productivity and causes maudlin self-reflection like this?

IMPROVE FASHION SENSE - Firstly, I do have a fashion sense. Everyone does of course. It is like saying "I can't sing!" Of course you can darling, everyone can it is a matter of whether you can sing well. Therein lies the rub. By the common definition I fall by the wayside in this manner. To be frank, I have surmised that when it comes to fashion, you can get away with just about anything as long as you wear it with confidence and you are extremely comfortable in it. What with the random bits of stuck together cloth that panders for dresses nowadays, this cannot but be the case. The problem is - I am not comfortable and confident in just about anything.

DISCLAIMER: For the Singaporeans who are reading this and think that I have descended into a state of wallowing self pity, I wrote this completely tongue in cheek (yes I know that is not technically possible, but this is a metaphor). One is therefore not entitled to read to deeply into my state of mind from the above comments. Any person entering a depressive state as a result of the above: the author takes no responsibility from symptoms of depression, melancholy, nihilism, absurdity or anything of that ilk that comes from reading this entry.


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