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Sunday, April 24, 2005

On Collections

Had a collection yesterday on political theory which went relatively well. I did questions on equality, liberty and the relationship between power and authority - on the whole concepts that I am quite comfortable with. I did run out of time and didn't manage to finish my last essay, but considering that I hadn't done a whole lot of revision for it, I am pleased for the most part with how it went. Unfortunately, I have another collection on political sociology tomorrow morning.

I met Laurel for lunch today in St Catz. It was nice to see her again after the Easter break. I also bumped into many of my St Catz friend, Holger, Natascha, Jonathan Bailey and Adele as well as Matthew, which was really nice indeed.

Today, I had another collection on Political Sociology, which went pretty good, all things considered. The revision that I was hoping to do didn't really materialize, but I still managed half decent essays on class voting, power and new social movements, though I couldn't remember a whole lot of empirical studies. Still, I was just glad that the collections are over and done with.

Currently Reading: Into Thin Air, an account of a commercial expedition that goes horribly wrong, with 6 people dying on Everest in a single day. It seems an appropriate read since I have just come back from Ecuador, having climbed 5 mountains there.


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