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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Pleasures of Reading and First Attempts at Cooking

Spent most of the day at home, alternately reading for pleasure and for revision. Made some serious inroads into Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and found it getting more interesting. The plot does seem to be heading somewhere after all the slow and patient build up. But given that I really enjoy the style in which the book is written, I have savoured the book so far, though others might find it a tad tedious. It certainly was more pleasurable than International Relations Since 1945: A Global History, though I must admit to finding that very interesting as well.

Damien came over to cook some chicken and sausages for dinner which was very nice. I actually succeed quite well in making the spaghetti including the sauce. My life was made easier with the purchase of a can of tomato puree though. Will try and continue these baby steps into the scary world of cooking.

The only blight in the day involved erstwhile housemate getting upset when I asked her (over MSN no less because I didn't want a confrontation) to clear up the sink which had dirty crockery she had used left for a couple of days. She stormed in, washed it all up and stormed out. It would have been highly difficult to prepare food otherwise. I guess she was stressed about work but aren't we all and was chirpier after dinner.


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