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Friday, September 23, 2005

Back in Singapore

I have finished up my internship in Hong Kong and I am now back in Singapore for a week before heading back. Basically just spending time bumming at home and with my family and two dogs which is always good. Among the (few) things that I have accomplished since arriving back are a mahjong session with Julianna on Wednesday night, a night out at Devil's on Thursday and meeting Jasmine for coffee on Friday night.

One really good thing: Neil Gaiman's latest book Anasi Boys is finally out. I was browsing at Border's (where I was meeting Jasmine) when I saw it and of course bought the book immediately. Now the only challenge is to try and finish it before I fly off on Sunday, so that Denise can have a chance to read it and to avoid us ending up with double copies. Me and my sis are such enormous Gaiman fans - when he came to Singapore she queued for hours in order to get our Sandman comics autographed by him. Just started on the book - I actually started on it in Borders - and it seems interesting enough, though very much more similar in spirit to his work in American God's than his earlier stuff.

Been doing some shopping for Oxford. Got myself a DVD player with speakers for a really good price of only about $130 - it was a local Singapore manufacturer, so I am supporting local industry! Got a desk lamp as well to bring over, as I am not sure that there will be one provided in Stav. Still have some shopping to do - mainly a pair of sneaker's and perhaps some clothes.

Besides all of this, I have been trying to do some preperation for the GRE exam, which I am admittedly quite behind in. Will definitely have to polish off a further practice exam or two before I leave for England, and then a further one or two before I take the actual test in London. I am hoping very hard for a decent grade at it as it is very important for Grad school admissions.


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